Environmental Policy Statement

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Landry Unlimited is committed to incorporating the notion of Sustainability into the built environment. Every day we strive to make better choices about how we design and build with respect to our action on the health of the planet.

  • We have adopted Reduce, Reuse and Recycle as our mantra
  • We use and encourage our clients to use Environmentally friendly products
  • We consciously work to conserve energy and other resources
  • We advise and make sure our subcontractors use Green methods and best practices

Our formal company policy on sustainability addresses these main points:

1. RRR
2. Toxics Reduction
3. Purchasing Green Products
4. Resource Conservation
5. Employee Training

1. Reduction of waste is a place where it is easy to make progress such as not throwing away packaging and reusing it for site or shop storage. All office supplies have the highest possible recycled content.
2. We use Green cleaning products and painting products. All the lighting in our offices is florescent and we have ample day lighting. All disposable batteries are collected and turned in at a proper recycling facility.
3. All retired power tools and office equipment is recycled. We are switching to rechargeable battery power tools as much as is practicable.
4. We always offer clients the option of using Sustainably Harvested lumber. We are conscious of minimizing water use at the building site.
5. New employees are instructed in our Green company policies and encouraged to make suggestions of how we could do better.
In our regular Foreman Meetings we discuss these issues and how to improve our performance.

I am personally committed to raising my company’s consciousness regarding Sustainability and have directed My Foremen to enforce these policies at the building site.

Bob Landry – President